Introducing Loo Lock

A revolutionary and inventive solution to a common problem in the building trade

Prevents Health & Safety Issues

The use of Loo Lock stops the misuse of toilets by builders and construction workers before connection.

When Loo Lock is fitted

Water supply plumbing and drainage can be installed and commissioned while at the same time preventing use

Loo Lock

Loo Lock is a revolutionary solution to a common problem in the building trade.

The use of Loo Lock stops the misuse of toilets by builders and construction workers before connection and as a result prevents potential health & safety issues from sewage leaked on site. Loo Lock is Made in the UK with recycled plastic. Patent pending.

When Loo Lock is in-situ:

Toilet can be installed

Toilet can be commissioned

Toilet out of order due to misuse
Building construction site premises


Common practice with new-build premises and/or refurbishments is to fix a toilet in situ before connecting it to a water supply and/or the sewerage system. It is also common to fix and install a toilet sometime before the remainder of the construction/refurbishment is completed or fully commissioned.

Problems Caused

Health & Safety Issues

Toilets misused by builders/construction workers before connection
Sewage spilt or leaked on site
Building materials/debris entering the drainage system
Damage to sanitary ware during construction
Smells from the sewage system
Open drainage can encourage vermin to enter the construction site
toilet waste problems caused on building sites
A toilet with Loo Lock fitted

Introducing Loo Lock

Loo Lock is a new and unique product for the building trade. It is a temporary toilet cover which prevents misuse of the toilet before connection of drainage and water supply. It is quickly and easily secured and removed without causing any damage to sanitary ware.

A new and unique product called Loo Lock

Temporary toilet cover to prevent misuse of toilet
Can be removed without causing damage to toilet
Can be secured quickly and easily by unskilled worker

How It Works

Simple but effective; that’s Loo Lock!

Brian Lunt, founder and inventor of Loo Lock® demonstrates the ease of fitting and effectiveness of the product.


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I thought I would give you some feedback on the Loo Lock which we had fitted on one of our projects on the Wirral.

Well it does exactly what it is supposed to do. It solves the problem that nobody likes to talk about – the mis-use of toilets on site.

Using this product the toilets stay clean, there is no smells and it is very easy to install. We will be using Loo Lock on all future projects.

ACC Projects & Developments

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We have been using Loo Lock on all current projects for the last month and it works
great. Having the Loo Lock fitted has solved a big problem on construction sites that nobody had a solution for until now.

Loo Lock is easy to install and made in the UK. This product will be used on all our future projects.

Mechanical Fitout Ltd

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We fitted the loo lock into one of our plots and it works!  We had a site operative complain that they couldn’t use the toilet in the plot.  It’s a great product that creates a solution to a problem we have been having for years.  Also very useful when testing the drains. Would recommend to anyone.

Lee Jones, Site Manager Sanctuary Homes